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Lilac Jumper and Leopard Heels

Finding what it looked like a replica of the “Roman ruins” in the middle of an American city (precisely, at the entrance of the Knowlton Hall, School of Architecture of Ohio State University) was definitely a beautiful surprise. Little did I know, these columns called the “Trowing Sofas” are meant to be columns reflecting the […]

Urban Jungle

I have been dreaming of blazer days but don’t let the sunny sky fool you, it was very cold that day and I underestimated my ability to stand cold weather, hence the coffee. Is there something better that finding a park in the middle of a city? Even if I was cold I was so […]


How many metallics are too many? There is not such thing and probably there has not been a better time than now to show off your shiny-glitter inner self. Not that metallics have gone anywhere really, we had the disco, the glam and well the 90’s, but 2018 are hitting it hard and I was […]

Think Pink

So I finally gave in to the “pink suit” trend that has been overflowing Instagram and fashion week. It seems like (millennial) pink is the color of the season and with so much #girlboss and #powerdressing talk, it was only obvious that sooner or later the two of them would combine creating what it appears […]

my valentine’s story

I was never one for boyfriends. By age 16, when all my classmates and friends seemed to have a long list of love relationships, I was the poster child for “I Have Never Been Kissed” (as in the movie). And, Oh God! that was embarrassing! At age 20 I had my first boyfriend, hooray! finally! […]

Leopard Love

It was a very gloomy day for pictures or anything else, yet we decided to make it work. I don’t want to complain about the weather or anything else. This year I am committed to a “no excuses” attitude, a positive mindset and just being grateful for all the things I have and the amazing […]